Instagram is the most popular social media application use this platform for the purpose of sharing videos and images with other people. All the people who are using this app are very familiar with its features. You can follow your favorite celebrities and other people it is one of the best platforms with billions of users. After Facebook it is the second most popular application, Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to official Instagram.

App Name GB Instagram APK
Version Latest
File Size 55 MB
Downloads 100,000
Android Version 4.4 +
Last update 1 day ago

More Information OF GB Instagram APK

It is a modified version and it gives a better experience to their users in this article we all will get to know what is GB Instagram Apk. We will all know how GB Instagram’s latest version differs from the official Instagram application. GB Instagram is a totally changed model of the official app. Still, the GB Instagram is entirely different from other applications because it has splendid features and it also has some extra functions like snapshots, downloading, movies, memories, and images. Your mind will be astonished by one fact, this application has been downloaded by 100 million times, and it has millions of active users. You can download this app from our website and explore unique features free of cost. It is a trustworthy application and you can use this application as an alternative to Instagram.

What is GB Instagram Apk?

GB Instagram is the most popular and trustworthy application as official Instagram usually, GB Instagram is used as an alternative to Instagram. The size of this apk file is just 48MB, You will never get banned on this app and this app has a legitimate version which is why the Instagram website will never ban your account. It provides safety to users when we are using third-party applications then it needs to root to your device but on Gb Instagram apk the rooting system is not required for it. The official Instagram will not allow you to Zoom the picture or image but GB Instagram allows users to zoom the images easily. GB Instagram is freely available for users to download this is a popular modded version for use, users will find exciting tools and features in this apk file. GB Instagram is growing daily it provides various features for users it allowing you to customize the look of the app. Even though you can make amazing independent choices and it has strict privacy policies, without worrying users can use and enjoy this application. You can save reels and IGTv videos and stories.

Features Of GB Instagram

Download Movies and Testimonies

Consumers can easily motion pictures and videos which gives ease to their users and now for human beings but it will not allow the third party for downloading memories, videos, images, etc.

Dual Instagram Characteristics

GB Instagram allows to the customers run twin accounts on an Instagram app this feature is available on the unmarried tool, and that is authentic Instagram and GB Instagram. Without any issue, more than one debt may be treated as unmarried handily.


It is the nature of a person who gets bored with the same things as such consumers get bored with the same simple and clean Instagram interface sometimes we attract to the colorful and new designs. On GB Instagram there are tons of colors and themes available in different styles and designs.

Hide Your Online Status

The other feature of the GB Instagram apk is that you can hide your online status on Instagram we do not want others to know that we have seen stories because we always love to keep things private, the people who are very close to us always want to keep an eye on their status and stories when they post.

Get the Preview of Images

When you are using Instagram you will face some issues like it will not allowing you to preview the images or profile pictures of others, but on the other side, GB Instagram has provided a facility you can preview images, and zoom the profile pictures.

Supported the External Player

You can play videos in your external media player, and GB Instagram always supports external player media for playing videos and reels.

Hide story view status

The other magical feature of GB Instagram is to hide the story, and view status because we love to keep things private. But this situation might not be comfortable for all of us.

You can Copy Captions and Bios

You can copy captions and bios of others with a very easy method there are no restrictions, but sometimes we get impressed with someone’s captions and want to save it, on our device then this is possible only on GB Instagram.

Multi-Account Logins

On GB Instagram users can get the facility to logins multiple accounts on the same device, If you are using multiple accounts on Instagram then it is not possible on a single device but only GB Instagram allows us for using multiple accounts.

Download GB Instagram Apk

Users will find various versions of GB Instagram apk on different websites and the internet, on our website, you will get the most latest and recent version of GB Instagram apk. You will get numerous unique features of this application. For instance, translators, hide stories, hide online status from your friends and followers.

Whats Good in GB Instagram Apk?

You can view the stories of others it allows you to download videos and images.
You can check your followers who follow you.

Whats Bad in GB Instagram Apk?

The bad thing about GB Instagram apk is it works very slowly as compared to official Instagram applications.


What is GB Instagram Apk?
GB Instagram apk is the modified version of the official and original Instagram application.
Is GB Instagram Apk Safe?
Yes, it is 100% safe for all kinds of users, it is built on top of the latest version of apk this application is a third-party application and not available on Play Store. So, we can say that this application is safe and secure, and do not worry while using this app.
Is GB Instagram to be had for iPhone?
No, now the GB Instagram app is the simplest to be had for Android now no longer helps iOS.
What is the latest version of GB Instagram Apk?
From time to time the developers of GB Instagram provide the latest and updated versions of GB Instagram now the latest version of GB Instagram is V4.00 this version comes with a lot of features and fixed the bugs.


GB Instagram is the latest Mod version of Instagram it has many prominent features which are not available on the Instagram app. You can easily download images, videos, reels, and stories. It will provide you with a fantastic experience, it is not just like Instagram but it is something more than the official apk.

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