GB Instagram is the famous and modded version of Instagram that gives all their customers heaps of functions; even this facility is not included in the feature of professional Instagram. It shall allow consumers to download videos, images, movies, and IGTv videos without trouble. You may disguise your online status, typing status, and visible messages. It was launched in 2010 back and then slowly it begins to as the best social media application. It is the most popular social media application after Facebook which lets celebrities, aubut thors, and entrepreneurs expand their businesses and profiles or portfolios by engaging their consumers. Users can also use twin Instagram in a single tool but GB Instagram apk has extraordinary characteristics, this application is secure and the debut is free. GB Instagram is the updated and modded version of the popular Instagram app it will give a better experience to users as compared to the official versions. Additionally, you may share videos and images, and you may also shortly download this stuff. You may also swiftly obtain the entire portion, this Instagram has a photo, video sharing- social networking website. This will do primary customization for users but GB Instagram gives heaps of different functions even professional Instagram fails to do it. This application is a modified version with some extra functions that wouldn’t find in an official application, it will give you control over your Instagram experience, and it allows users to customize their accounts’ look and feel of the application. The daily usage of the Instagram application is very easy on GB Instagram apk, it also has an alternate application like GB Insta Plus.

App NameGB Instagram Plus APK
Size44 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago

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Instagram Plus APK

GB Instagram Apk is the modified version of the Instagram application official it added many features that are not available on the official app such can download videos, images, and reels not just downloading even sharing the download stuff with friends and family members it also has an improved user interface. It has more options for the customization of accounts. You can download and install this application on your Android device and enjoy its amazing features users can create new accounts and log in to previous accounts and get access to all its unique features remember that this application is not authorized as compared to Instagram and more chances of risk and banning this app has all regular functions that official application offers without any distraction and it will never charge additional. We can not deny that Instagram’s official application has a popularity graph very high among all social media applications. It was launched back in 2010 and day by day it begins to rise all over the world, it is the most popular social media service after Facebook on this platform we all get to know how this application is different from other social media applications you can use another application even use duplicate for the purpose of legit Instagram. You can use two accounts on your Instagram application and Android device use this application to share videos, images, and reels, on this application users will get distinctive features and you can use this GB Instagram effortlessly. Here, we are providing a link to the GB Instagram application and apk in the latest version for downloading the app. This application has the official name GB Instagram plus apk, and the size of this application is 25MB, its publisher is Insta Pro and GB Instagram is an Android device app.

Features of GB Instagram Plus

You can examine that GB Instagram has capabilities so far as GB Instagram apk has also some really unique features which can make your daily Instagram usage more enjoyable and entertaining application.

  • Users can download images, videos, posts, and reels.
  • You can mark a message with a star.
  • Zoom profile pictures
  • No Ban issues
  • Copy anyone’s bios
  • No- root needed for it
  • App updates are available
  • You can turn off and on dragging on GB Instagram
  • You can view stories and hide the view status easily
  • Use two account options
  • Add zoom option for profile pictures

Download Videos and Images

With the help of GB Instagram Apk you can easily and very quickly download videos and images. There is no need to download any other application and third-party application additional tools and softwares.Just click on the right side of download tap and download the content.

Multi Account Log in Option

If you have multiple Instagram accounts then you can log in all account at a time on this application in a single android device very easy to manage these accounts, if you log out and log in from one account to other then it is very tedious and time consuming but on GB Instagram it is very easy without log in and log out accounts.

Customization Option

If some one use same application from very long time period then they will get bored from it, and it is very difficult to use the same application for long period but on GB Instagram all the features are mentioned and users can customize their accounts according to their requirements. You can easily change the font, background of account, and text style as you can make it enjoyable.

Hide Online Status from viewers or Followers

GB Instagram has feature to hide and show your online status from other people it depends on your choice, if you show online status to your friends then it is bit frustrating for you, Fortunately, Gb Instagram provides this facility for users they can hide easily with the help of this feature you can get ride off from getting unwanted messages.

Copy Bio and Captions

You must long press the caption and on bio then you will see the copy option, by just clicking on it and copied captions and bios easily. On official application you just take a screen shot rather than copy but GB Instagram provides copy facility.

Mark Any Media and Message with Star

If users read caption and bio of any person and like the most then they can save by marking captions and messages easily, If you find some important stuff in the shape of media and message then mark it and save for later use.

Auto Translation

All over the world there are different languages and people posts on Instagram in those language sometimes we can not understand the captions and messages then GB Instagram provides facility auto translation for users. Just press and hold the post and caption and translate it in own language easily.


What is GB Instagram Apk?
GB Instagram plus apk is the modded version of Instagram, because it has infinite number of capabilities that people are using this app mostly.
Is it secure to download?
Yes, this application is secure millions of human beings use of the app on everyday without trouble.
Is this to be a hard for iOS devices?
The GB Instagram is not be had for iOS customers as of now, only android customers will use this app.


GB Instagrm is a great mod apk this application is for those people who are looking for to enhance their Instagram apk experience, it is a full pack of exciting and amazing features which are not normally available on official Instagram app. It is very easy to use and install in your android devices.

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