Among all the social media apps Instagram is very popular and it has a large number of active users having billions of users across the world. Instander Apk is one of the upgraded versions of Instagram and a fantastic thing about this application is that it helps users to get benefits from the app, as we know, users can publish, and share videos, short clips, images, and posts.

App Name Instander APK
Version Latest
File Size 54 MB
Total Downloads 100,0000
Android Version 4.4 and above
Last update 1 day ago

More Information OF Instander APK

And videos are continuously published by people quickly and always provide exceptional features, there are uncountable posts and billions of users it has, on a daily basis, user’s posts and people are using this application according to their interests. Unfortunately, when a user sees the posts they want to download, the Instagram official does not allow the user to download videos and pictures.

Instander Apk is the best app for those users who want to download posts, and it allows all kinds of users without any restrictions. Instander Apk helps its users to satisfy completely with stunning features.

Download Instander Apk New Version

Instagram is one of the biggest and leading world Entertaining online social media applications, the always updated version is available for users and the Instander Apk size is 54MB and this app is for Android device users. Unfortunately, the official application never allows the user to download any type of content from the platform, and one of my biggest entertainment sources, and I can get first-hand posts of my favorite celebrities and influencers with entertaining content. Another Interesting thing is I also get to share my memories and posts with my friends and followers as well Instander Apk develop for a user-friendly experience and it seems to be the best alternative application to official Instagram. Some unique features offered by Instander Apk it includes the ability to show full-size pictures, and videos, and enable dark mode. It’s worth is nothing more than a third-party application for users who love to use Instagram officially.

You can get a few exceptional features like hiding seen, saving videos and pictures, sharing pictures/videos in DM, Disable Ads, Disable Typing, Hiding stories, and downloading IGTV, reels, stories, and much more effortlessly. The latest version of Instander provides unlocked features plus fixed bugs, Instander is an installed application it contains all features of Instagram and is mainly designed to offer a variety of features and a better way to view and manage your feed. The Instander Apk genre is Social and it has unlimited mod features, you can easily download this excellent application from this website without any cost. Some users find that a few features are missing in Instagram officially which is the reason they develop a new version and started creating new MODs that will offer desired features and enjoy entertaining material.

Features Of Instander APK

Download and Installation

The Downloading and installation of Instander Apk are very easy and quick for all users, this application makes it easy for us to keep a backup of your media or share it with others.

Hide Direct Seen Messages

If you do not want that sender to know you have seen his/her message then the disappearing option is here for customers/users. You can only enjoy the feature in the Instander application.

Upload Images and Stories

Everyone can easily download videos and clips with the help of third-party users but with the amazing feature available in the Instander application, you can upload your daily stories, videos, images, and posts now it is not a big deal. When you are uploading your videos Instander always make sure that top-quality visual content is available for users and followers.

Disable Ads

Advertisements make us irritated and annoyed while we are enjoying our favorite videos or reels but the Instander Apk provides a facility to disable ads and amuse with the video stuff. Simply, you can go to the privacy option and disable the ads and ads analytics.

Increase Stories

At the same time, users can easily increase stories there is no limit for users about putting stories on Instagram, and this feature will increase the quality of the picture and videos.

Remove Liked posts

When you liked a post, then liked post will be removed from feed it is very easy for followers and users.

Video Auto Play

Here, video auto play feature is available on Instander Apk you can enable and disable the Video Auto play.

Use filters

When you want to capture your memories and pictures then Instander provides facility of filters, these filters are very unique and amazing.

Use Ghost Mode

The Ghost Mode feature is available for users if users want to look a bit like mysterious towards your followers or people then you should follow few steps in settings then you can easily change the Ghost Mode.

Create a Personalised Friends List

When you are putting your stories secretly and you want to show just to close friends then you can easily create your own and personalize friends list. Create your own list of friends and also tend to have a special friends label that distinguishes them from normal friends.

Hide your stories from certain friends

Even you can hide your stories from certain friends you do not want to show your stories to those people easily. Basically, hide your stories and posts that you would like go post on your stories from specific people.

Find Active Instagram users

On social media applications it is very important to make friends who are active on Instagram, make new friends and those friends active on this platform to communicate and share the content with people. It is very easly to increase your fan following list on Instander Apk and grow your following.

Customize smart Gestures

Customize smart gestures feature is only available on Instander Apk smart gesture control give a great experience and you can do a great job on Instander and people like it very much.

Block Advertisement

You can easily blocked ads when you are watching videos and reels you have this feature on Instander Apk.


On Instander Apk you should be able to view stories and read messages and even write them without anyone knowing that you are doing it, you can keep your activity private anyone and also avoid spyware or nosy friends.

Hide Message View Status

Users can hide message view status from every one like friends, family and followers smoothly.

Save story Archive

Instander Apk will give you archive facility you can sav eyur stories on archive with very conveniently. Just turn on this feature and then videos and stories automatically save in your archive.

Quality Improvement

With the passage of time when Instander Apk provides updated versions with this they also focus on quality improvement, quality of picture, videos, and images(filters).


Are Instander Apk charge for download?
No, Instander Apk is free of cost, and to download this app free from this website.
How to update Instander Apk?
It has auto update system when Application needs update then this automatically updated and without creating any difficulty for users.
Is it safe to use?
Yes, obviously it is safe and secure for users and this apk mod is connected to Instagram.


In very short, it is an amazing app with lot of features that are enough to impress anyone, and everyoneis interested in using this social media application. Mostly poeople feel difficulty in differentiating between Instander Apk and Instagram due to its restrictions but now Instander resolve all the issues and overcome and add some new features with best qualities and make it very attractive for users.
It is highly recommended application everyone must try its new features.

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