Nowadays, the most popular social media application worldwide is Instagram Are you feeling bored with your standard instrument and its colors? It may be possible you also use a lot of extra capabilities on this Insta Pro Multi colors Apk model of Insta Have you ever heard of the alternate application of official Instagram and you can set your account theme? Never Nah, probably not because they do not exist so that is why. You should download and set the maximum current model of Insta Pro Multicolor Apk Now, you can download it from our website and you may use multi and additional features at a time This Insta Pro Multicolor Apk, this application is handy and especially for Android users.

App Name InstaPro Multi Color APK
Version Latest
File Size 56 MB
Downloads 100,000
Android Version 4.4 and above
Last update 1 day ago

It is modest and simple for users one of the important being a feature that allows users to use Instagram in their desired colors. Online you will find millions of applications and these have several versions but the Insta Pro Multicolor Apk is fantastic with outclassed features. It is very simple to use you can just download it on your Android device and enjoy its colors.


Insta Pro Multicolor Apk is modified with incredible features it has eye-catching colors, and Insta Pro Multicolor allows users to set on multi colors tones like red, green, purple, and pink. Turn on the tracker button and you can replace your page and straightforwardly to your Insta Pro Multicolor profile. There is an additional Insta Pro clipboard that keeps the record of data saving in your Android Phones. Here, you can get a Pin lock, and see unsent messages.

More Information OF InstaPro Multi Color AP

It has all the features of Instagram features but a few extras from the Official Website. It provides a modified version of the application, receives regular updates, and gives users up-to-date versions with features. Now you can download the InstaPro Multicolor apk free of cost it has all features and also consists of advanced features, But finally, with the Instapro Multicolor apk version you have come to the perfect place you can download it from here. It has such a simple display and makes it easy for beginners and this is the leading factor that contributes user-friendly interface. It will give you quick performance for its beloved users. You can download and install it because it has crucial features and qualities that make users happy.

Features OF InstaPro Multi Color

InstaPro Multicolor Features

The biggest and key feature of this app is the multicolor feature it allows you to change the background color of your Instagram account to three primary colors pink, red, and blue.

Download Stories

Instapro Multicolor Apk provides the facility for you can download stories of other people from your Instagram account to your device.


The multicolor availability feature makes this application unique from other applications even you can use the color combinations you want and the basic colors of Instagram’s official App other than black and white.

Ads Free

Using Official Instagram App ads make annoying me while watching reels and videos but when using a moded version of Instapro Multicolor Apk that will not disturb us with ads because it is ads free application. You will not be seeing ads while scrolling through the content on this app.

Easy to Login

The other feature of this application is easy to log in and very quick and simple for all types of users.

Save Stories in Your Device

Save stories on your device memory is very easy only in the Insta Pro Multicolor Apk version, Nowadays nearly everybody uses Instagram officially.

Get Images and Videos

On this platform, you can get access to the latest and full of features versions. And this apk version provides the facility to download videos, images, reels, etc. This feature will not give official apps o users for free.

View Profile

A unique feature is also provided by the Instapro Multicolor you can view the profile image, you can view profile picture of users. You can Zoom in and out of the profile picture.

Conseal Online Status

Sometimes you do not need to show yourself online status with the help of the Insta Pro Multicolor version even you can hide your online status from friends and followers.

Disable Video Autoplay

Now as we know the Official website Instagram Apk is a very popular apk, and you can use limited features here, you can get the most useful feature of disabling the Video autoplay, it is only in the latest version of Instagram Multicolor Apk.

Hide Your View Option

It allows you to download images and hide article views and many other exciting features for users are available here.

On a frequent basis, Instagram provides much more for users but no one can compete with Insta Pro Multicolor apk features, it provides a lot of new features and time to time updated versions available with new features. Considering that Insta pro-Multicolor apk provides so many features for free and such as a win-win situation for users.

Installation Process

It is a very simple process and follows the steps and guidelines once the download has been completed the next step will be the installation process, allowing third-party applications for this to go to the main menu and click the setting icon and allow the apk file and run easily.

Advanced Features

  • It will give the customers a plethora of beneficial functions.
  • It will give a maximum updated version.
  • You can easily check the followers’ list.
  • You can download and share stories.
  • It also permits you to download IGTv videos.
  • Insta feed allows you to share images and videos.
  • There are no advertisements on this app.
  • Easy login to your previous Instagram account.
  • Here, all premium features are unlocked.
  • Hie your view option effortlessly.
  • It is completely safe and secure.
  • No bug issue.
  • User-friendly apk.


Is Insta Pro Multicolor Apk available for iOS?
Yes, there is an iOS version of this app.
Are there Neon Colors in the Instapro multicolor apk?
Yes, you can set tones of color to neon color Insta multicolor apk using the compass in the color pallet.


Insta pro apk multicolor allows you to set any tone you like from blue, green, red, and other colors. Download and share its remarkable features our website provides you with guidelines for a successful installation process. This apk is the best version that you can use easily in place of official Instagram. It allows you to change the colors of your account and even change the background color. It also gives access to the advanced features and the downloading procedure of this application is very straightforward.

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