InstaUltra is the unofficial version of Instagram, and this application will help users download all kinds of media and you can save all the downloaded media into your device’s gallery. Compared to the Instagram application InstaUltra has unique features link supports the users and additional privacy features available for users. InstaUltra has many other features and magnificent options, this is the new version of the Instagram apk and an alternative to GBInstagram apk.

This is the best Mod for Android devices, this apk is the best and one of the maximum matters used in our life and it has a few splendid capabilities but it does not allow the users to replicate the textual content from biographies, replica captions, etc. InstaUltra permits users for a whole lot of calls from customers for this purpose we had to get a few MODs of Instagram like GBWhatsapp, Yowhatsapp, etc. Instagram is the most popular social media application and platform currently, now it is in trend to click pictures and record videos. After clicking a picture with InstaUltra then you can post stories on Instagram because most people love to use the Instagram application. Users want to use Instagram with WhatsApp for many reasons like chatting with others and sharing pictures, videos, reels, etc. Both platforms are very important nowadays. You will learn all about InstaUltra Apk here. InstaUltra is an Android application it has been developed by Sommer Damous, there is a lot of improvement in this application’s features of this application are fewer as compared to the GBInsta. GBInstagram was one of the best Instagram MOD but it is a bit sad that developers stopped working on it due to some personal reasons, on this website we have presented the latest and the best version of InstaUltra apk which has some fantastic and useful features for users but the official version of Instagram missed out.

App Name InstaUltra Apk
Version Latest
File Size 44 MB
Downloads 100,000
Android Version 4.4 and above
Last update 1 day ago

About InstaUltra Apk

InstaUltra apk is the modded version of the official Instagram apk with some specific features like downloading images, videos, reels, and stories from Instagram. Users can easily copy the biographies and comments. We are so excited that the developers will add some other and latest features. Most people want and demand Instagram Mods like GBwhatsapp, Yowhatsapp, and many others for Whatsapp. As we know, there are thousands of social media applications that are used to share videos, images, and reels. Your favorite events can be stored here for a very long period. The Instagram is most popular and favorite application and use to share exciting things, and it has a speciality that we can use any language this application is used and downloaded worldwide level. Users demanded more from the Instagram developers, and time-to-time updates of this application are available for users, on InstaUltra there are a few high-quality functions available, these functions include download snapshots, motion pictures, and more. It will help the users to reproduce the textual content, it is the modified version of the official Instagram apk. It has photo and video-based services for users it provides all-in-one features applications, this app popped out recently and quickly uploads any media on your social media account. Now we are expecting developers to add more and more features in new and upcoming versions. InstaUltra apk supports all kinds of downloading options like videos and IGTv videos. The full name of this apk is IntaUltra apk and the size of this application is 52MB only the category of this application is only social and this application is for Android users. Through this application, users can hide all their activities without any effort and even you can hide your status, posts, stories, etc.


Download Videos, photos, stories, and reels

Oftenly, you scroll your Instagram account and posts, videos, and images if you want to save in your device gallery and if you want to share it with friends then you can, but on Instagram you can not directly download videos and images. Even you can download videos and images by using other applications but it takes time so InstaUltra provide this facility to users.

Name Tag

InstaUltra has other feature of nametage you can use this feature to boost your profile it depends on you either you have personal account or professional account if you have professional account then you can rasily boost your business and account both. It will create nametag with the help of QR code. This feature is for those people who have privacy and only those peiple visit your account and profile will sacn QR code.

Auto Play Video

The official app sometimes may irritate you when you click on the video to play the audio, but in InstaUltra apk you can set feature auto play video for every video and reel. If you want to disable and enable this feature then you can easily do it.

Link Support

In other third party developed application for Instagram no ome has this type of link support option and if beneath the post you find any kind of link then it will show you like a text form then you can not copy this link and even can not open it but InstaUltra provide this feature for users they can copy the link and open the links easily.

Hide view status

In case if you don not show to the people that you view their status then you have option like that you can hide your view status, however, you don not need to understand their posts.

Anti-Ban in InstaUltra Apk

Most of the people use GBwhatsapp and yowhatsapp customers were getting banned about using these applications but builders and developers of InstaUltra apk were running difficult to allow anti-ban success.
Copy Bios, Comment, caption
If you want to copy people’s link and remark then you can only copy the bios, comments, and captions. You can not accomplish and hold the identical and customer can replica bios or may be feedback but it will be occur in few cases.

Download stories

Users can easily download stories and media with the help of InstaUltra there are no restrictions and querries for this.

Zoom in profile pictures

The one of the most irritating thing on Instagram is you can not zoom-in the profile picture of any follower and users. InstaUltra has caught you up and you can zoom the pictures.

Whats new in the Latest version of InstaUltra Apk?

  • It has following features for users but it contains in the latest version of InstaUltra Apk;
  • No ads while enjoying videos and reels.
  • Unfollowing trackers
  • fixed the following bugs
  • Facebook login bugs
  • Reels option added
  • Editing the highlights crash fixed
  • Download the media features
  • Download videos, and images to your device storage.
  • Users can hide read tick
  • This app supports links
  • This is ant-ban
  • You can zoom the profile picture
  • You can record audio with video
  • In DM while you are typing you can hide typing status
  • Copy the biography of your friends and family members
  • You can hide the view status


What is InstaUltra Apk?
InstaUltra is the unofficial application of Instagram and it has more features as compared to official website, privacy, downloading opinion, and it supports link available.
Is it safe or Anti-ban to use?
Official application did not develop it, it has no virus, malware, and other effects so you can safely use it, it has alot of privacy features too that protect your data and account.


InstaUltra apk is marvelous application with excellent features, this application will help the users to improve Instagram experience. It has hidee fdeatures that will surprised you and your friends. And downloading media files enables you to share media quickly, through this feature you can save your time. You will be notified if someone unfollow you on Instagram apk, auto play does not demand clicking on Video to paly audio. Customize your interface, theme, fonts and everything to experience it with good features.

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