If as a user, you are looking for an Instagram MOD to download content from social media with the help of additional features, such as ghost MOD and JT Instagram, etc. If you are tired of scrolling through the same content on the old Instagram app for many years, and if you get rid of the download today this JT Instagram Apk from here and enjoy the content easily and effortlessly. JT Instagram’s new and latest version contains new exciting features. If you are a frequent user of Instagram then you want to explore new and additional features for your social media accounts but you can find all features and facilities only on JT Instagram. The key feature of this application is the Ghost MOD feature which will help you to hide your all activities from the public, and on social media networks. This application is very useful for us to save downloaded content on our devices, and it eliminates third-party applications for video saving. When you activate the ghost MOD then you can hide your activities, other people would not see you have viewed stories and posts. JT Instagram’s main highlighted feature is the download button is available on each post on Instagram, just enable the download option where you can download videos, and images with a single tap.

App Name JT Instagram APK
Version Latest
File Size 71.5 MB
Total Downloads 100,0000
Android Version 6.0
Last update 1 day ago

What is JT Instagram Apk?

JT Instagram apk developed by Jimtechs is one of the community’s favorite WhatsApp mods and JiMODs etc the company brings us a new feature with the new MOD. It has several additional features for users. This application is an image-oriented app. The most amazing feature of this application is offering to save videos in your device’s gallery you can download or save with just one click. The JT Instagram apk is the redefined version of IG because it offers exclusive features that connect you with the world. With the help of this application, you can receive the following requests from the public, not just get requests from public accounts you can even copy text and much more.

This app mod allows assistance with navigation for users, theme change options are also on the JT Instagram apk. You can easily create your video archive and you will save all this stuff for future use on this app. This is the perfect option for those people who value privacy, the app enables you to hide your stories and live broadcast availability. You can enhance the quality of images and videos, and this app does not display ads the app works just as well. The category of this application is social media and the size of this file is 71.8MB. JT Instagram was created by Jimtechs and this is a modified apk for users with lots of excellent features, Jimtechs is well-known for JT Whatsapp and JMods Whatsapp, and other Whatsapp MODs with exclusive features for us, these exclusive features enhance the better experience on Instagram apk. The most prominent facility and ability of this application are you can share images, and videos and you can save them on your Android devices. There are numerous additional features Surprised consumers including material-designed modifications and ghost MOD on the account.

Features Of JT Instagram Apk

No Advertisement

There is no advertisement on the JT Instagram apk, JT Instagram does not display ads.

Downloading Media Files

The downloading of media files is available on the JT Instagram apk, the latest version of this app has no ads you can browse and scroll, the new business idea and brand promotions are also available here.

Auto Translator

Occasionally come across videos and you do not know how the knowledge of language then with the help of auto translate you can translate the video. You can directly save on your device and enjoy the videos later.

More privacy

The advanced feature of this app is a privacy option for all categories of users, this feature is not just for one post or story it is for all reels, IGTv videos, stories, and, posts. All these features are more attractive to users.

Ghost Mod

The ghost mod is available here through this feature you can hide your all activities frm publiuc and followers easily.

Content Sharing

This JT Instagram app is also use for content sharing application you acn enable and disable the share option and you can also preventing others like share your content on their posts.

Sory Archive

You can create stories archive on your account and you will be able to see these stories anytime. It will be save for one month.


What is JT Instagram iOS?
The JT Instgaram version of iOS is the iPhone version.
Is safe to use?
Yes, it is safe and secure it is safe to use any mod of apk.
How to update the JT Instagram Apk?
By going to the settings of device and enable the update of JT Instagram and click on Automatic Update and it will start update.


You will get the free pass of being as secretive in this version, this mod apk allows you with assistance of navigation and theme changes. Businness promotions and new ideas are also blocked on this app along with ads. All the advance features available here, within a second you can save the videos, stories, posts, etc. The privacy feature is available and highly developed and redefine for users.

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